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It's hard to choose a favorite book, but I've always had a soft spot for this one, about the invisible world that surrounds us in our daily lives.n David Bodanis long biography long biography
Time to go to bed, he thought.
- My psychiatric friends would say I have "normal" paranoia, but I don't feel abnormal. I only feel "normal" after your audience is over. And that's just idiot talk. I heard the chatter of patients who were perfectly normal all the time, but walked into their doctor's office and immediately started talking and pacing back and forth! And the patients with Napoleon, all as one, went home, and all without a single step! They didn't even move. They just went down the hill like nothing happened!
- They ALL went home!
Yes Yes exactly. They just didn't want to! And it's not that they were afraid. They had no reason to be afraid. They were always very sound about their illness, and they were not superstitious. They weren't afraid to die, so they weren't afraid to be not quite normal.
Those with whom you talked about your imaginary world were most likely normal in your own way, in your opinion, but they have already grown into their world. You cannot force them to leave it.
Trust me, if I could, I would try to convince these people...
- Not! I do not believe you!
Then look at me, you and I cannot influence the ones you meet in your imaginary world. But I can find another doctor for you. Because they might think I'm a spy or something, and that might be a problem for them.
I think their mind is afraid and that's why they are here.
Well then.
This is our problem. We must work on our world.
Don't go back there.
How sad that modern medical thinking has gone so far.
Without a doubt, I would just like to go home. I do not want to see patients, in their experiences and sensations of my imaginary world, just because I have nothing else to do.
You just can't help them, but you can help yourself.
Someone has already pooped in your boot.
Perhaps this is your close friend who f02ee7bd2b